We are planning to keep one of the foals born this year. They're all nice
and we're having a hard time deciding who to keep. We have decided to list
them all for sale and keep who ever doesn't sell.

The boys are listed on our
Geldings & Colts Sales Page.

The girls are listed on our
Mares & Fillies Sales Page.
It's a blue dun colt!
Mósa fra Stóra-Ási had
a nice colt on July 7th,
2006. Mósa is a 2nd
Prize Blue Dun mare.
The sire is Siggi fra
Steen Icelandics. This
colt should be 5 gaited.
Mósa's sire is First
Prize Blakkur fra
Kolkuósi. Mósa is the
Granddaughter of Honor
Prize Stallion Hörður
It's a Silver Dapple Colt
Born 6-7-06!
Gledi from ToltallyICE
delivered a silver dapple
colt early on June 7th,
2006. He is long legged
like dad and all of his
offspring! We're not sure
if he is silver dapple,
silver dapple bay or silver
dapple buckskin, or most
likely Silver Dapple
Smoky Black, possibly
turning gray! We now know
Gledi is carrying the silver
dapple gene. The sire is
Siggi fra Steen Icelandics.
Gledi is the Granddaughter
of Honor Prize Stallions
Kraflar fra Miðsitju &
Hrafn fra Holtsmúla.
Fon delivered a nice
bay filly on June 2nd,
2006 shortly after

Her mother, Fon fra
Skaney, is a great 2nd
prize mare. Fon's foals
are always great natural
tolters. This will likely
be Fon's last foal as
she's getting up there in
years. The sire is Siggi
fra Steen Icelandics.
This filly is 5 gaited
like her parents. She
has a star and a nicely
shaped snip.
Our first foal of 2006
arrived in the early
morning hours on May
10th. She is a huge
Buckskin. Her mother
is Dalbra fra Holti, a
beautiful, large mare
with a score of 7.75
for conformation. The
Filly's sire is Siggi fra
Steen Icelandics, a
dark buckskin. This
great filly appears to
be 5 gaited like  her
Siggi fra Steen Icelandics
is the sire of all our 2006 foals.
Siggi is a long legged, 5 gaited,
dark buckskin. He is a very
sweet, easy horse with a great
Siggi fra Steen Icelandics
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