Colored Angora Goats at Sand Creek
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Our Angora Goats
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Sand Creek Angoras
Colored and White Angora Goats
2010 Member of CAGBA
Colored Angora Goat
Breeders Association
Nigora Goats
Pycazz Goats
Cashmere Goats
Icelandic Sheep
Crane Gap Icelandics
Kaffee  (2005 Wether)
Colored Angora Goat
Nelson (2008 Wether)
South African Bloodlines
White Angora Goat
Badger (Buck)
Chance & Oreo
Two expecting does joined us in
April 2009
Introducing Sand Creek Lucky Charm. A lovely white doeling out of Oreo.
Our first Angora Kid born at Sand Creek. Born May 17, 2009.
Zeus our Yearling Buck with 5
months fleece growth. Sept 2009
Sire: Grizzly CAGBA Registered
Introducing Rascal, our new 2009 CAGBA Brown Buckling at Sand Creek
Sire: CAGBA Registered Leaf (Dallas x Eartha)
Sire: Kai's Aaron
GGSire: Big Red
Dam's Sire: Focus Regal Dandy
(Dandy: Grand Champion Colored Buck
1995  California State Fair)
GDam: Focus Flower AAGBA Registered
GDam's Sire: Dynomite AAGBA Registered
Zeus (buck) & Zac (wether)
As yearlings enjoying some yard time
August 28, 2009
Reverse Badger Buck
CAGBA Recorded
Our new 2009 CAGBA Doeling!
Dilly & Dally
CAGBA Yearling Does
join the herd in May 2010
A fabulous early 1900's photo of a relative's grandmother in an angora goat drawn cart.