We have Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail Eggs available for eating or hatching.

We typically have Quail Chicks available. Quail Chicks are available for pick up only in SE Idaho.
We do not ship live quail. We are not currently shipping quail eggs. We do travel a bit & will
consider delivery or pick up of quail or eggs.

We will have James Marie Pharaoh, Texas A&M and Golden Manchurian Quail & Eggs available in
late 2013. We are very excited to bring James Marie Farms bloodlines to our farm!
The James Marie Farms Pharaoh Coturnix Quail are a great XL dual purpose quail. The
James Marie Pharaoh lays an XL egg, typically weighing 14-15+ grams. At about 8 weeks they
are ready for the freezer & are only about an ounce or less lighter in weight than the James
Marie Texas A&M is at about 6-7 weeks. If you want quail for meat & large quail eggs, this may
be the Coturnix variety for you.

The James Marie Farms line of
Texas A&M Coturnix Quail are a great XL meat quail. They
grow exceptionally fast & are ready for the freezer 5-7 days earlier than the James Marie
Pharaoh. Their eggs can range in size from 9 to 14+ grams. If you primarily want quail to supply
fresh, healthy meat for your family, & the quail eggs are a nice bonus, this may be the Coturnix
quail for you!

The James Marie Farms line of
Golden Manchurian Coturnix Quail are a good layer of
standard sized quail eggs, typically weighing 9-11 grams. The Golden Manchurian will typically
weigh up to 10 oz at 8 weeks. If you prefer the smaller quail eggs & consider meat as a nice
additional benefit of raising, quail the Golden Manchurian may be the Coturnix quail for you.
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Jumbo Coturnix Quail (Japanese Quail)
at Sand Creek Farm
The Coturnix Quail species originated in Japan but has become popular all over the
world because they are such calm, easy birds to raise.

The Coturnix Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japanica) is known by many names. Pharaoh
Quail, Bible Quail and Jumbo Brown Quail are the most commonly used names.

Some of the less commonly used names or names of color variations of the Coturnix
Quail are Japanese Quail, Stable Quail, Nile Quail, Eastern Quail, Asitic Quail, Red
Throat Quail, King Quail, Japanese King Quail, Red Coturnix Quail, Tuxedo Quail,
Red Tuxedo Quail, Texas A&M Quail, English Quail, Golden Range Quail, Tibetan
Quail, and Italian Quail.

The known true mutations of Japanese Quail available in the United States are:
Texas A&M, English White, Golden Range, Red Range, Italian, Manchurian, Tibetan,
Rosetta, Scarlett, Roux Dilute and Golden Tuxedo.
Weights of one of our Jumbo
Quail breeding trios.

Mature Hens 13.4 oz
& 11.3 oz
Mature Cock 10.2 oz
5 week old Hen 8.1 oz
5 week old Cock 7.3 oz
One of our XL Jumbo
Texas A&M Quail at 8 weeks

Over 14-1/4 ounces!

405 Grams!