Crane Gap Icelandics is officially signed up in
the mandatory scrapie program.

Our Icelandic Sheep are all from scrapie free stock .

What is scrapie?
"Scrapie is a fatal, degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system of sheep
and goats. It is among a number of diseases classified as transmissible spongiform
encephalopathies(TSE)." As taken from the Veterinary Services website:  

In other words, scrapie is bad news.  

A sheep breeder must belong to either the mandatory or the voluntary program.
I have a small flock and don't foresee it getting larger in the near future, so we
wentahead and signed up for the mandatory program. Less cost.

However, if we were to grow to a much larger flock, we would update to the voluntary.

After 15yrs of being scrapie free in the voluntary program, your flock/farm can
be registered as scrapie free.  Though this is something we all would like to have,
it is a much more intensive and expensive program.  

How do I sign up?
At the above website, there are links to the scrapie program for each state.
Contact the people in your state, and they will help you select the right program for
you and get you signed up.  Then the ear tags arrive in the mail and you're set.
It's that easy.
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