A Bay Horse is black with the agouti gene which restricts the black to the lower leg, mane and tail.

A Bay Horse can be modified by several additional modifying genes. The color modifiers affecting Bay and
found in the Icelandic Horse are Cream, Dun, Silver Dapple, Pinto, Roan, Grey and Splashed White.

We are looking for photos of beautiful Icelandic Horses in all of these colors or combinations there of.
Bay WFCC 3500
Ljufa ~ Photo by Maike Liekweg
Bay WFCC 3500
Photo by Maike Liekweg
Omar frá Brun ~ Photo by Cheryl Shelton
Dark Buckskin  (Bay + Cream)
Þykkja frá Hólum ~ Photo by Verena Hugeneck
Yellow Dun  (Bay + Dun)
Photo by Cheryl Shelton
Silver Dapple Bay
(Bay + Silver Dapple)
Kuvika ~ Photo by Dawn Shaw
Bay Silver Dapple Pinto
(Bay + Silver Dapple + Pinto)
Kvistur ~ Photo by Erica Osterman
Dun Buckskin  (Bay + Cream + Dun)
Dagrún frá Stóra-Kálfalaek II ~ Photo by Erica Osterman
Buckskin Pinto (Bay + Cream + Pinto)
Prinsessa ~ Photo by Cheryl Shelton
Buckskin Silver Dapple
(Bay + Cream + Silver Dapple)
Reykur ~ Photo by Dawn Shaw
Yellow Dun Silver Dapple
(Bay + Dun + Silver Dapple)
Photo by Dawn Shaw
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Bay Based Colors of the Icelandic Horse