The Chestnut color in Icelandic Horses is recessive to Black.  Chestnut  must be passed to the horse from
horse will be Black, yet will carry the Chestnut gene and have the potential to pass it to any offspring.

Chestnut Horses can be modified by several of the color modifying genes. The color modifiers affecting
Chestnut and found in the Icelandic Horse are Cream, Dun, Pinto, Roan, Grey and Splashed White. While a
Chestnut horse can carry the silver dapple gene, it will be hidden, yet it can be passed to offspring.

We are looking for photos of beautiful Icelandic Horses in all of these colors or combinations there of.
Jarl fra Midkrika ~ Photo by Chantal Jonkergouw
Red Roan (Chestnut + Roan)
Rebbi ~ Photo by Tim Kvick
Flaxen Chestnut ~ Glenur vom Wiesenhof ~ Photos by Maike Liekweg
Palomino Pinto
(Chestnut + Cream + Pinto)
Photo by Cheryl Shelton
Cremello (Chestnut + double cream)
Photo by Sandra Jonkman
Palomino  (Chestnut + Creme)
Skundi frá Skogen ~ Photo by Nynke Hibma
Flaxen Chestnut Pinto
(Chestnut + Flaxen + Pinto)
Photo by Chantal Jonkergouw
Liver Chestnut
Gestur från Stallgården ~ Photo by Erica Osterman
Chestnut Pinto  (Chestnut + Pinto)
Píla frá Hala ~ Photo by Erica Osterman
Red Dun Pinto (Chestnut + Dun + Pinto)
Ari fra M and M Stables ~ Photo by Penny Miller
Grey  (Chestnut + Grey)
Gledi from ToltallyICE
Photo by Cheryl Shelton
Red Dun (Chestnut + Dun)
Snot ~ Photo By Chantal
Red Dun (Chestnut + Dun) & Grey
Photo by Chantal Jonkergouw
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Chestnut Based Colors of the Icelandic Horses