Splashed White is one of the forms of Pinto found in Icelandic Horses.

A Heterozygous Splashed White can be difficult to identify.

A Homozygous Splashed White is typically easy to identify as a Splashed White.
Skrámur frá Hurdarbaki Bay Splashed White
Kápa frá Sólvöllum Black Splashed White and her
foal Kappi frá Laugabóli Black Splashed White.
Photo by Omar Runolfsson
Black Splashed White
Skjanni ~ Photo by Omar Runolfsson
Blue Dun Splashed White
(Black + Dun + heterozygous
Splashed White)
Aska ~ Photo By Mic Rushen
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Black Silver Dapple Splashed White Pinto
(Black + Silver Dapple + Splashed White Pinto)
Photo By Chantal Jonkergouw
Chestnut Splashed White
(Chestnut +  Splashed White)
Photo By Chantal Jonkergouw
Pinto)Photo by Michelle (Mic)
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Splashed White Icelandic Horses