We added Muscovy Ducks to our Farm in January 2014

We should have Lavender, Blue & Chocolate Ducklings available later this year.

More Photos Coming Soon!
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Sand Creek Muscovy Ducks
In Feb. 2014 we acquired 4 fertile Muscovy eggs. We had a 75% successful hatch rate
on our 1st attempt using an incubator.
First to hatch on day 32.
Two 2 day old ducklings joined the flock in April 2014.
Our 1st Muscovy Hens!
They're good fliers! 01/2014
A great article about Muscovy Ducks
Our 3 incubator hatched ducklings. All healthy & happy!
Our young drake (center), rescued after
getting frost bite on his feet, is growing up.
His caruncles are developing! 04/2014