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Nala  ~  2002 to May 3rd, 2010
In loving memory
Nala of Sand Creek ~ our Rhodesian Ridgeback

Nala of Sand Creek passed away peacefully in her sleep, surrounded by her
family and friends, on the morning of May 3, 2010. She died of natural causes
following a brief illness.

Nala came to our home from the animal shelter in March of 2003. She was
very near death from starvation and neglect. She was in such bad shape that
we went to the vet on our way home. Our veterinarian estimated her about 5-6
months old at the time. She weighed just over 30 pounds.

We fed her well and allowed her lots of play time, exercise and rest. In no
time she was filled out and healthy. She eventually grew into those huge feet,
weighing in at 115 lbs.

She lived on our farm for the rest of her life. She enjoyed swimming in the
creek, wrestling with her other doggy friends, eating anything edible, hunting
voles in the pasture and, most of all, stretching out in the sun for a good nap.

She was attentive to our grand children. She was never cross with the other
dogs. Everyone was her friend, except any suspicious stranger. She would put
the fear of God into them. She accepted the responsibility of protecting us

Her greatest pleasure was to wander the pasture, digging at the dikes for
voles and vying with the other dogs for the prize if they caught one. When the
others had all come in for the day, she could often be found out still wandering
and digging.

We will miss her happy-go-lucky expression. I will miss her wagging that big
old tail, that she would thump against a wall whenever she wanted something, or
could clear an entire coffee table.

She was a kind spirited animal, and we will miss her very much. There is a huge
empty spot in our hearts and at the foot of our bed.

You were a loyal companion and will be greatly missed.
Nala on the vet's exam table. We
went straight to the vet from
the dog pound.
March 12, 2003
Nala shortly after
arriving home. She
wouldn't move or walk.
I had  to carry her.
And 8 days later.
Nala the day we rescued her &
3 days later. Nala had been in
the shelter & fed for 5 days
before we rescued her.
Nala's Story
Nala on the way home from the shelter and
8 days later.  March 2003
Nala during a walk to the creek.
May 2009
Nala's 2nd day home when she
remembered she could run! With Cilia
and Bruneau.  March 2003
Nala at approximately 1 year old.
January 2004