If you are interested in purchasing an Icelandic Sheepdog Puppy from
Sand Creek Icelandic Sheepdogs please
send us an email or call us at 208-346-6775 between
10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Mountain Time.

Provide us with as much information as possible about the home you will provide for the
puppy and your expectations of your Icelandic Sheepdog Puppy.

Future plans for the puppy, i.e. pet, working dog, future breeding dog, show dog, etc.
Tell us about your previous experience with dogs
Who will care for the dog, i.e. training, feeding, grooming, etc.
Where will the dog stay, i.e. during the day, during the night, while you're away, etc.
Names and ages of people in the household, any allergies, etc.
All other family pets or livestock owned, i.e. cats, dogs, parrots, horses, etc.
If you are currently considering getting more than one puppy, what breed, age, sex, etc.
Type of residence, single family home, apartment, rent or own
Landlords name and phone number
Veterinarian's name and phone number
The name and phone number of a personal reference

If you prefer, we will be happy to send you a puppy application to fill out and return to us.

If you are interested in getting a puppy from us we recommend sending a deposit, the required deposit
is a $100 minimum. A deposit must be made before we will hold a puppy for any potential buyer. The
deposit will be refunded in full if for any reason you decide you do not want the puppy and provide us
with notice prior to the puppy turning 7 weeks of age. If you have asked that we hold a puppy for you
from a particular litter and we receive notice after 7 weeks of age that you do not want the puppy
$100 of the deposit is non-refundable. This non-refundable $100 deposit may, at our discretion, be
applied to the purchase of a puppy from one of our future litters.

Our puppies are typically priced between $1300 and $1500. We offer a $500 discount for any puppy
going to a pet home with a
Limited AKC FSS Registration. A Limited Registration means that the AKC
considers the dog to be spayed or neutered. You can find more information regarding Limited
Registration at the
American Kennel Club's Website. Beginning in 2010 AKC Registration for all our
puppies sold to pet homes with Limited AKC Registrations will be withheld until proof of spay/neuter is
received from your veterinarian.

If you want to purchase a puppy from us for breeding expect to provide references that will assure us
that you are an ethical breeder. Before you ask us to sell you a puppy for breeding purposes please
watch this video...... (Warning some may find this video upsetting.)

It is our sincere intention to prevent an Icelandic Sheepdog from ever ending up in a puppymill or dog
auction. You will need to provide us with adequate proof that you have only the best intentions for the
breed before we will consider selling a puppy with a FULL Registration. Buyers that desire to buy a
puppy with a full registration can expect an intense approval process.

We also offer puppies that have had their hips examined by the
PennHIP Method and a CERF eye exam
by a Certified American College Of Veterinary Ophthalmologist for $1900. PennHIP exams will be done
between 16 and 18 weeks of age, results are typically available one to three weeks from date of exam.
The deposit for a PennHIP screened puppy is $500. If the PennHIP score from adding the right and left
hip score and dividing by 2 is higher than 0.50 or a puppy receives an un-certifiable CERF diagnosis the
buyer may opt to not purchase the puppy and the deposit will be refunded in full. An agreement for a
lower PennHIP score can be negotiated if desired. If test scores are as agreed or better and the
purchase of the puppy is not completed within 15 days of receipt of the results from PennHIP the
deposit is non-refundable and the puppy will be made available to other buyers. In the event that the
PennHIP scores are higher than agreed upon and the puppy buyer still desires to purchase the puppy a  
$500 discount will be given for puppies with Limited AKC FSS Registration.

All puppies must be paid for in full prior to leaving our premises. Any payments made by personal check
must be received by us at least 15 days prior to any puppy leaving our farm. Buyer picking up a puppy at
our farm may pay the balance due in cash at the time of pick up.

All shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer. We will ship puppies after the age of 9 weeks,
prior to 9 weeks of age all puppies must be picked up. Any puppies shipped after 12 weeks of age may
have an additional charge for a Health Certificate, Rabies Vaccination and a larger crate. The total
charge may be an additional $75.

We currently ship puppies with Delta Airlines. If another airline or method of shipping is required please
inquire as to what arrangements can be made to ship your puppy. A fee to deliver puppies to non-local
airports may be required based on mileage. Puppy buyers must be flexible regarding shipping dates and
arrival times, and destination airports. We must work around too high or too low temperatures, space on
flights, selection of flights with the fewest connections, etc. All flights will be scheduled with the best
interests of the puppy in mind.

We take our obligation to raise physically and mentally healthy puppies very seriously.  We strive to
breed only healthy dogs, provide excellent care, nutrition and nurturing. Yet as with any living being
there is always the potential for the unexpected. From fertilized embryo to puppy around 30,000 genes
(which dog cells use as templates to make proteins) must be perfectly replicated. These sophisticated
molecules build and maintain the dog's body. A single tiny mistake in the production of these templates
can lead to disease.

If we are notified prior to the age of 18 months that a puppy purchased from us is found to suffer from
a debilitating genetic disease that is likely to significantly reduce the normal lifespan or the quality of
life of the puppy, you may return the puppy to us for a refund of the purchase price or a replacement
puppy, at our option. If you decide to keep the puppy we will work with you on a partial refund of the
purchase price or credit towards the purchase of a future puppy from us. All related veterinary records
must be forwarded to our veterinarian, Dr. Lynn Alderson, for review at least 30 days prior to
returning any puppy or prior to us considering any full or partial refund or credit of purchase price due
to genetic disease. Our vet must agree with the diagnosis of debilitating genetic disease before any full
or partial refund or credit of purchase price or replacement puppy will be considered.

If you purchase a dog from us with a Limited Registration and later decide you would like to breed or
compete in AKC Conformation Events we will consider removing the AKC Limited Registration status.
We recommend having all Health Tests required by the ISAA done prior to requesting conversion to a
Full AKC FSS Registration. Payment of the discount (typically $500) must be paid before the limited
status will be removed.

All health testing recommended by the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America (currently PennHIP
or OFA testing for hip dysplasia and annual CERF testing for inheritable eye disease) must be
completed prior to breeding any dog. Female dogs must be at least 22 months of age and male dogs at
least 12 months of age prior to breeding.

The above terms of sale are subject to change at any time. If you have any concern regarding any of the
above terms please feel free to discuss this with us.

We reserve the right to cancel any sale if we feel the sale is potentially not
in the best interest of the puppy.

Thank you.
Sand Creek Icelandics
Icelandic Sheepdog Puppy Information
Updated 12-17-09