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I bought myself a Trikke for my 51st Birthday!

And the FUN begins!
Finally good weather to try out my TRIKKE!
Trikking along the Snake River 4-18-09.
Trikking at Sand Creek Icelandics
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My daughter BreiAnne tries the Trikke.
Trikking in the Tetons  5-22-09.
Yeah! I did 5-1/2 miles today!
Jensen Grove  5-24-09.
A 1-1/2 mile downhill run.  FUN!!
Near Jackson Hole.   6-12-09
My Granddaughter made a video of me Trikking! June 2009
I'll make another one in a year. I expect to be much smaller!
Bill & I have also started biking.
The Falls along the Snake River. June 2009
Trikking at Jensen Grove with my
grandson. June 23, 2009
I've built up to trikking 9 miles!
Shawn Biking at Jensen Grove
with Grandma. June 2009
Shawn & I rode six miles today!
Trikking along Sunnyside Road.
June 27, 2009
I conquered the hill!  July 2009
I picked up a Trikke T78cs for
the grandkids to ride!
July 2009
Taelor on her first Trikke ride
at Jensen Grove with Grandma.
July 19, 2009
Trikking in the Tetons ~ August 9, 2009
My Grandkids learning to Trikke  ~  August 2009