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We have discovered a great sport that we can enjoy with our Icelandic Sheepdogs.

Dog Scootering!  (a form of Dryland Mushing)     and    Micro Mushing!    (Mushing with 1 to 3 dogs)

Help has arrived to advance our sleddog skills.  Meet Chilli & Milan, and Caesar.
We will be teaching our Dogs the following Commands for Scootering:

Hike:  Go Forward
Whooooa:  Come to a Smooth Stop
Gee:  Turn Right
Haw:  Turn Left
This Way:  Go in the Direction the Scooter is Pointing
On By:  Go on by a Distraction
Line Out:  Stand Still with the Tug-Line Taut, Facing Forward
Easy:  Go Slower
Hup Hup:  Go Faster

Commands we'll work on learning as we progress...

Gee Back:  Come Back Towards Me to the Right
Haw Back:  Come Back Towards Me to the Leftt
Gee Over:  Steer to the Right-Hand side of the Trail, Road, etc.
Haw Over:  Steer to the Left-Hand side of the Trail, Road, etc.
Trot:  Trot instead of Lope
Cilia & Tibra are Naturals!  ~ March 2007
Benni & Tryggur 2nd Run.
Benni & Cilia 1st Run.
Micro Mushing with Icelandic Sheepdogs Tryggur and CH Lavandels Benedikt aka Benni.
Our first run off our property. We did a 2 mile run along Sand Creek. FUN!!  ~  April 27, 2007
And the dogs all got to take a dip in Sand Creek at the end of our run.
Dog Scooter Training
Chilli, Seppala Siberian
Sleddog. Go Fast, Go Far!  
On the greenbelt with
Milan, an Alaskan Husky.
Fitness training!
Running at Community
Park  ~  8-26-07
Gaining the confidence to
run Milan & Chilli
together.  Zoom!! ~
Kickin' it down by the River at Dusk.
August 8th 2007
Chilli & Milan taking a visitor for a run.
August 4th, 2007
Dog Scootering 101 with Lisa Lipscomb
Benni & Tryggur learning to pull.  ~ March 2007
Bill tries Scootering with Milan.  ~  Jensen Grove  ~  August 12th, 2007
The dogs cool off at the end of our run.
A Great 4 mile run along the Snake River. More FUN!!  ~  August 18, 2007
Our 4 mile run along the Snake River, Jensen Grove  ~  August 18, 2007
Chilli & Milan running the roller coaster trail. The girls really enjoy this trail! 9-7-07
We ran on the fox trail along Sand Creek. Talk about power!  ~  9-9-07
Tibra's 1st Run.
Nala tries Scootering!
Running the Green Belt along the Snake River  ~  9-28-07
Along the Snake River. We typcially let the Girls cool off in the river mid run.  ~  9-28-07
Fox Trail  ~  10-2-07
Our run along Sand Creek  ~  October 21, 2007
Icelandic Sheepdogs Benni & Tibra at the Snake River ~ October 26, 2007
BreiAnne's 1st run ~ 11-4-2007
Our first sled run!  ~  March 2, 2008
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Scootering with Icelandic Sheepdogs