Fun Icelandic Sheepdog Puppy Photos
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Hildur's 2006 Puppies
Hrói Höttur & Bjalla
1 month old  6-28-06
Sand Creek Hera & Shawn
1 month old  6-29-06
Sand Creek Hrói Höttur and mom,
Vinlands Hildur Hlín
1 Month  6-29-06
Hildur's 2006 Puppies
Bjalla & Hrói Höttur
11 days  6-8-06
Cilia's 2005 Puppies
Denali & Maeja
9 days old
Cilia's 2005 Puppies
Maeja & Denali
12 days old
Cilia's 2005 Puppies
Maeja & Denali
5-1/2 weeks old
Cilia 2004 Puppies
Lukka, Skessa, Pandra Reykja
2 days old
A Wheelbarrow full of Puppies!
Skessa, Pandra, Lukka & Reykja
Cilia's 2004 Litter  3 weeks old
Sand Creek Reykja Kutur just
moments old
May 21, 2004
Benni sneaks a peek at one of
his puppies!!
4 days old
Joka's 2005 Puppies
Elska, Ímir, Kappi, Rósa, Hakon
1 day old
Kids & Puppies
What could be more fun!
Ímir  5-1/2 weeks old
Ímir and Kappi
7-21-05  3 Weeks
Joka with Kappi, Rósa, Ímir, Hakon
7-10-05   10 Days Old
Cilia with Litla, Alfrun, Roki
August 2005  7-1/2 weeks old
Joka's 2005 Puppies
5-1/2 weeks old
Kappi, Ímir, Rósa, Hakon, Elska
Joka's 2005 Puppies
11 days old
Joka's 2005 Puppies
4 days old
Rósa, Ímir, Elska, Kappi & Hakon
Rósa, Ímir, Hakon
3 weeks   7-20-05
Joka's 2005 Puppy Hakon
7 weeks   8-17-05
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Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies Photo Album
"[She] is doing wonderful, she still
amazes us on how laid back she is."

~New Puppy owner 2006~
"We took her to watch our
daughter and the shepherd in
agility and she sat so still just
watching everything. I believe
that if she is focusing the way
she appears to be in another six
months she won't have to be
taught anything. She will know it
just by watching."

~New Puppy owner 2006~
"She really has been the easiest
puppy I have ever dealt with in
the sense that as long as she is
close to us she is content with
whatever we are doing."

~New Puppy Owner 2006~
"[He] is the dearest companion.
He's truly a wonderful dog. He's
so smart; you show him something
once and he knows it the next
time. He goes everywhere with us,
and me when I'm alone. He rings
the bell to go in and out the door."

~New Puppy Owner 2005~
"[He] hasn't destroyed a single
thing in the house and we leave
socks and things all over the floor.
He's a polite dog. I've never had
a puppy that you didn't work at
puppy-proofing the house. He has a
good time with his own things."

~New Puppy Owner 2005~
"He's a bundle of energy but
basically calm."

~New Puppy Owner 2005~
"He endears himself to everyone
and befriends everyone, including
all dogs who will play. You certainly
have reared him well through
those early weeks."

~New Puppy Owner 2005~
"I'm appreciating the care as well
as breeding that you have given.
Obviously he's become a major
part of our lives, especially mine."

~New Puppy Owner 2005~
"She gets sweeter and sweeter as
time goes on."

~New Puppy Owner 2005~
Hildur's 2006 Puppies
Hera & Hrói Höttur
6 Weeks old  7-8-06
Sand Creek Huld
5 weeks 7-2-06
"She is the best listener out of all
of our dogs. She does love people,
we are thinking about turning her
into a service dog, so her and [my
daughter] can go to hospitals and
cheer up other sick children."

~New Puppy Owner 2006~
Sand Creek Kona
2 month old   3-29-07
Sand Creek Female
1 month old   5-19-07
Sand Creek Females
3 days old   4-23-07
"We are amazed at how smart she
is. Others say we are so lucky."

~New Puppy Owner 2007~
Sand Creek Male
1 month old   7-23-09
Sand Creek Tindra
5 weeks  4-24-10