The Brindle color is said to be the rarest of colors in Horses.
It has now been proven by extensive DNA testing that two brindle horses are indeed Chimeras!

It is very exciting to finally have an understanding of how brindle colored horses are produced. Yet, this
also means that the brindle color is not reproducible by breeding brindle horses.

Chimera is a mixture of two individuals, non-identical twins who fused in the womb and grew into a single
body. Some parts are derived from one twin, others from the other. Chimerics have two complete different
sets of DNA. Depending on the tissue the DNA is havested from you will get  different DNA results when
DNA tests are performed..

I am not aware of any Icelandic Horses that are proven to be chimeras, yet I suspect it is possible that the
otherwise unexplainable color of several Icelandic Horses may be due to Chimerism.
Brindle patterned horse ~ Photos by Sandra Jonkman
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