Blue Dun (Black + Dun) and Buckskin Silver Dapple (Bay + Cream + Silver Dapple) ~ Gæfa fra Refsstöðum
Photo by Chantal Jonkergouw
Blue Dun Pinto (Black + Dun + Pinto) and Black Pinto (Black + Pinto)
Photo by Chantal Jonkergouw
Black Pinto
Splashed White Carrier
(Black + homozgous Pinto +
hetrozgous Splashed White)
Photo by Sandra Jonkman
Smoky w/Blaze Splashed White Carrier
(Black-Móbrunn + Cream
+ heterozygous Splashed White)
Photo by Sandra Jonkman
Bay Pinto (Bay + Pinto) ~ Yellow Dun (Bay + Dun) ~ Blue
Dun Turning Grey
(Black + Dun + Grey)
Photo by Cheryl Shelton
(Black + Pinto + My Little Pony)
Drifa ~ Photo by Penny Hodge
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